Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayer for Japan - A Song

Preview of "Prayer for Japan"

Ever since almost 2 months ago when the giant earthquakes and tsunami struck Japan, I have been praying and thinking about what to do to help. Yahweh stirred my heart for these people. He just kept saying, Imagine your home, your loved ones, and your life as you know it being swept away. Gone. Never the same again. EVER. You can't rewind time, you can only recall your past. That's what it's like for many many people in Japan.

That's when I started composing a new song—inspired by my sorrow for Japan. Suddenly, it struck me. A thought. What could I do with this? What can I do to help the people of Japan? The answer hit my almost immediately. Record the song and offer the song for a donation to Japan.

A few notes about the song...
You will be emailed the song after you donate any given amount. If after a day you still haven't received it, leave a comment or contact me.

You may use this song for any use as long as it glorifies Yahweh. All I ask is that you give credit where the credit is due.

That being said, if you feel led, you can donate either below or on the sidebar. 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross to assist in cleaning up the damage from the earthquake and the tsunami and caring for the people who are hurt. Suggested donation is $5, but feel free to give what ever you want.

Spread the Word!
I strongly encourage you all to take the chipin widget and the song preview by copying the code snippits below and put them on your blog, website, etc. so as to spread the word. You can link back to this post so others can copy the code also.

Code for the Chipin widget:

Code for the song preview mp3 player:

Zachary Bruno

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