Friday, November 25, 2011

Sukkot is Here!

Actually, Sukkot just passed last month. We have been meaning to post some pictures and reports from the feast, but as usual, we've all been a bit busy and haven't gotten around to it until now.

Nonetheless, we do have some reports for you, as well as some pictures, poems, songs, and other thoughts. We hope you enjoy!

But to start it off, I (Jared here) might as well fill you in on the Feast of Tabernacles I attended in Rockford, Illinois. To describe it briefly, it was a blessed time of fellowship, praise, and healing for all involved. One of the more blessed parts of the week was seeing how caring and willing the were when it came to participating in activities, and more importantly, being a part of the body there. The Youth Service that was put together for one meeting was probably one of the best during the entire week, if not one of the most interesting (in a good way). There was also plenty of great music throughout Sukkot, with many of the youth avidly participating in that, as you will see in the pictures below.
(Photos courtesy of Micaela A.)

Here's a picture of everyone in attendence. Look at all those smiling faces you can only barely make out in the distance! (Close ups to follow.)

Below are pictures of Art, Mike, and Marcus, preparing to jam and practicing for a special offering:

And here is the whole group of youth playing and singing together:

Here's a photo of me reading something up front (can't remember which something this was):

A photo of some of the younger children doing something:

(I'm not sure what's going on here, but I suspect they are having a board meeting.)

And with that, I will leave you lovely readers until next time. Look back here for more posts about FOT 2011. There is some good stuff to come; hope you enjoy!
Be safe and may YHWH bless you!

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  1. HalleluYah!!! It's great to know that another brother in the Faith had a blessed Sukkot.
    Yahuwah Bless you Jared!! :D