Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yahweh's Plans

A week ago I was reading about how Yahweh called for Moses to be His voice before Pharaoh and how Moses wasn't so thrilled about it. He was complaining about how he wasn't a good speaker. Well, sometimes we aren't so thrilled about what Yahweh wants us to do. Most of the time we want to go and do things our way. But then we forget that Yahweh has plans of His own, and sometimes we think it's too much. Really, what we think is too much is actually a blessing. Yahweh is not one to give us more than we can handle, we just think it is. He wants us to surrender our own hopes and dreams and put our trust in Him. Yahweh knows what's best for us. He's our creator, the writer of our story. Let Him lead you down this difficult path.

                                    May you have a blessed Sabbath,

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