Monday, September 19, 2011

Music and Photos

Greetings, everyone! We finally have for you the featured content we have been metioning for the past month and a half, or so.

First, we have a playlist of music by Micaela Avalos, a talented young artist who is using her gifts to praise YHWH. You can also find and download the following songs on the Music page.


The next thing we have to feature are the photos of Jenna Comfort. She has been a regular contributor to the website, as far as photography goes, and so we thought we would share some of her great photography skills here. You can also check out some of her pictures on the Photos section of the website.


I hope you enjoyed these two short features. Please comment and let us know if you would like to see more brief features like this. There is a lot of great content on this site which we would love to share with everyone.

Until next time, Yah bless!
Youth for YHWH Editor


  1. I vote for more features, 'cause they're cool. XD

    Wonderin' though why the player is here and not on the site "music" page itself.