Monday, September 12, 2011

September Newsletter

The September Newsletter is now posted on the website. Feel free to go check it out and let us know what you think! We hope it is enjoyable and a blessing.

For this month's riddle, we have something a little simpler. Below is a poem describing a scene from Scripture. Your task is to correctly identify which story it is describing. You can email your answers to Along with that, we are asking that you suggest a story from Scripture that you think would make a great riddle like this one.

The Thank You

Stone floor beneath her feet.
Fear in her heart as she approaches,
But she knew why she was here.
And she wasn’t going to back down.

The one searched for,
Kneeling before the one she has come to thank,
The only way she knows how to.

Heart beating up into her throat,
She tries to swallow her fear.
Tears mixed with sweet fragrance,
She uncovers her hair.

Looking into the one she now thanked,
For the mercy that was shown.
Because of this person
She was now clean.


Any comments, suggestions, or questions about the Newsletter or this website are welcome and much appreciated.

Shalom and Yah bless!

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