Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Report from International Day

A few weeks ago we put up a post about the upcoming International Day event held at Beth El House of Yahweh in New York. Below is a report from Tali, one of the youth involved in making the event what it was. Also included are some pictures from the event.

"On the third Sabbath of every month, the youth at Beth El House of Yahweh host a youth Sabbath. In January, on our last youth Sabbath, our theme was “Celebrating diversity in the body of Yahshua the Messiah” – we officially knighted it International Sabbath. That day, many of us came out in garbs representing different cultures/countries – India, Tokyo, England, Italy, Ancient Egypt (Queen of Sheba), Nigeria and other African countries, Cuba, Dominica and Antarctica – and we just had fun with it! The service began at about 11 am with praise and worship. We had a few selections from our youth by way of song, poetry, and short exhortations.

These were followed by a message from our Elder Jermaine Ofori about breaking what he referred to as the “curse” or the enemies hold on Yahweh’s children. We had a great time fellowshipping with brethren from Pennsylvania – Mike, Grace, Aaron and Naomi.

They were originally scheduled to be in concert after we broke for lunch but things got shifted around a bit due to some delays. Thus, the concert was held at the end of the service. Their music is such a blessing and we pray that they continue to go forth in Yahweh’s name proclaiming the good news through songs and a life that reflects his love!

After the concert, we ate together food that reflected the diversity of cultures represented that day. We had Chinese fried rice, Spanish rice, lo mein, roti with curried chicken, chick peas and other vegetables. There were also French deserts, shepherd’s pie, and many other dishes that were prepared so deliciously by the brethren at Beth El House of Yahweh.

We missed those who could not make it due to the snow storm that Sabbath! We know that Yahweh’s Frystown Assembly really wanted to be there but it was not in Yah’s plan that Sabbath! Hopefully there will be many more Sabbaths like these and even better to come! Be blessed in Yahweh’s name!"

It sounds like it was a great event!  Perhaps we should considering having more similar events in other locations across the country.
YHWH bless and shalom!

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