Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Written Goodbye - Felecia Buck

You stare and the white screen stares back
Fingers hovering of the keys.
You know this must be done,
But how can you make this move.

You had never met, though friends you were;
Cherishing the time you got to know one another.
Now it’s times to part ways,
But all you can do is stare.

I don’t know the whole story,
But I know the feeling of loss.
You may think that I don’t understand
And you’d be right.

Your feelings are yours to keep,
No one else can feel like you.
There is only one that knows how you feel
Who understands your sorrow.

It is the Heavenly Father
The one that made you.

This poem is for the ones that have ever lost a friend. Though it may seem like no one knows the pain that you go through, you can always look to the Father that formed you, who knows the number of hairs on your head. He is the one that you can trust with all your hopes, dreams and sorrows. You may have gone and/or go through times that the people you know will hurt you, betray your trust and maybe even leave you, but He is always watching over you and is waiting to be a part of your life.
   So I pray this prayer over whoever reads this:
  Dear Father,
I pray that whoever reads this that whatever pain or sorrow they have, they will give it up to You. You are the one that they need no matter the trouble that they are in. A relationship with you is what this needs. Please Father, soften their hearts to you.
Your Will be done.

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